Tips on how to choose your Wedding Photographer

Tips on choosing a wedding photographer.

Choosing your Wedding Photographer, by Dallas Wedding Photographer Monica Salazar.

A few tips on what to look for when choosing your wedding photographer. How do you know it’s the right Dallas wedding photographer for your special day?

A few things to look into when browsing and searching Dallas / Fort Worth wedding photographer portfolios include the following tips and/or suggestions.

Expertise: Does the wedding photographer have the expertise you are looking for? Expertise is not always the same as experience. Is there a certain type of wedding photography style that you’re looking for?

Creativity: Are you looking for someone that follows a shot list or a wedding photographer that has creative freedom to create amazing wedding images for you?


Experience in wedding photography: How many years have they been in business? How many weddings have they photographed as the main photographer and not a second photographer?

Quality of work: Are the photos you see on the website matching a full wedding? Make sure you ask to view a full wedding from beginning to end. This will help you decide if the work matches what you have seen online. Look through some sample wedding albums. By looking at albums it gives you the chance to see what the wedding photographer’s work is like when printed. Does it meet your expectations?

Quantity of images: How many final images will you receive? Do you want a set number of wedding photos or would you prefer to get as many as possible that tell more of the events on your wedding day? Wedding photographers create their own wedding photography collections and/or wedding photography packages; therefore each person offers something different.

Copyrights of wedding photos: Will you own the copyrights? I can answer this from my perspective. The photographer you hire will own the copyrights to the images, since they captured the event and it’s their work. However, most photographers do offer you the printing rights; which is basically what you need. By having the printing rights you will now be able to choose which photos you want printed to display around your home. Most of the local labs now ask for a print release and you can contact your wedding photographer for one. I do have a preferred website that I provide to my clients and I’ll be glad to share that with you if you want to send me an email. I just prefer it over the local department store photo labs, simply because it’s a professional lab that will ensure the colors and quality match the photographer’s style. *Please note that some photographers do resize your wedding images and you are only allowed to print up to an 8×12 image. If this is the case for you, then make sure you order enlarged prints from your photographer for the best quality output and avoid having pixelated images.


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