First Look Wedding Photos

First Look Wedding Photos

Wedding Day First Look Ideas

Should engaged couples see each other before the wedding ceremony or even before the wedding day?

My husband and I were nontraditional in this aspect of our wedding day too! We decided to have a sort of first look or more like a pre-wedding /day before session in our wedding attire.

  • What is a First Look? The first look is when a bride and groom see each other before the wedding ceremony.
  • Can I do a partial first look and still be traditional? I really want my husband to be to see me walk down the aisle and be surprised with my wedding dress! Of course! We can always help you create a different type of first look wedding photos. We can can have a photograph of the two of you behind a door, but at an angle where we can see you, but you can’t see each other. There are a ton of ideas we can come up with to make your wedding photos special!

first look wedding photos
first look wedding photos on a dock at lake oak meadows in temecula california
Bride and groom first look on the baseball field of the Texas Rangers Ballpark wedding by dallas wedding photographer monica salazar photography.

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